Saturday, September 29, 2007

reception group 9_29

Sarah and I and some of the kids at today's reception for session two of Mundo Lindo. About a dozen kids and their families came.

puppet show

I love this photo! Look at the kids on the right, they're the ones doing the puppet show at the reception today. Of course, they're using the super hero puppets they made.


ready for the reception

ready for the reception!


cd cases and tissue

We did this project last week. We'll hang it in the window of Escondido Children's Museum. (thanks Tricia!)

Friday, September 28, 2007

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Pinwheels for PEACE

Here are the Tuesday class pinwheels. Thursday's class will make some too, and then Escondido Children's Museum will display them all on Friday, Sept 21.

making pinwheels for peace

Just 7 kids in class today. They each made two pinwheels for peace, one for us to display on International Peace Day, Sept 21, and one to take home. On one side they wrote their feelings about war/peace/tolerance/living in harmony, and then they decorated the other side with oil pastels, color pencils and tissue collage. Templates and directions are on the Pinwheels for Peace 2007 website.

making pinwheels for peace

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Thursday superheroes

Ten kids in class today, with a whole new set of superheroes!
Here are the descriptions the kids wrote before they created their puppets:

RockStar superhero (she's carrying a tiny felt guitar, and has magenta highlights in the photo)
Can make people love each other with her rock and roll music
Can see through walls
blue eyes
has long hair
has an electric guitar

CopyCat Superhero
lives: my house
powers: laser beam eyes, transforming body, laser sword, shield, meat vision (when I asked what meat vision was, he clarified that his superhero can turn things into food.)
copy enemies abilities, invulnerable, fly
old: 10
looks like: mask, cape, using weapons
human: Male

has a way with animals
can be heard from USA to Africa
know everything that is everything
does tae kwon do
likes to stuff cakes in people's noses
saves cookies from milk
likes to make people laugh
is very popular

Elephant the Triangle
likes to fly
likes cookies
always has a craving for potato chips
always has a bad singing so I tell it to shush

Cheri, the cherry
superpowers: fly lasers from her eyes
loves the color blue
loves roses

Super Elephant the Apple
she saves apples from water
she loves the color red
cares about apples
always eats apples
drinks apple juice
also loves tomatoes and tomato juice

home: in a lab
powers: super punchers
eats: metal
human: male

Super Aly
lives in a house
knows music
has lovely power
a music spy
eats music and pizza
has flowy hair
is pretty
rock and roll controls people with music and super strong

Super Bro
lives at school
knows everything in the whole wide world
he has curly hair
blue cape
big heart
eats all of big large books and numbers

Super Mermaid Baby
powers: fire, ice hand, water, wind
looks: female, human, baby, very cute
lives: every where, favorite place is in a secret under water ocean jacuzzi pool at home
eats & drinks: tamales, enchiladas, noodles and all the fruits, peanuts, strawberry banana smoothies & milkshakes. favorite drink is Dr. Pepper

superhero puppets

superhero puppets

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Super Hero Puppets!

Nine kids today. They chose their fabric, and cut it out using a pattern I gave them. They sewed the edges, turned it inside out. Then they could 'dress' it with buttons, felt, pipe cleaners, yarn and more. Before we started, I had the kids create their own imaginary super hero. I asked them to make a list of traits. Here's what they came up with:
The Incredible Dog
has blue cap
great sniff
eye sight
shoots laser from eye

Safety Penguin
can fly with cape
freeze villain with frostbite attack
good eye sight
can freeze them in a belt and move them around with sonic boom freeze

Super Fashion Girl

able to sense ugly clothes
x-ray vision
good sense of fashion

Long dirty blond hair
Polka dot skirt
Pretty shirt
Flashy sunglasses
Cute purse

Softball Girl
She can throw softballs at you
She can fly and is invisible
She can shoot softballs with fire coming out her hand

Super Girl
Super speed
Lazer beams
Super strength
Heat vision
Super popular
She does both good and bad

Dog Girl
Super speed
Super hearing
Heat vision
Super strength
Super vision
Works for good

Super Gal
See through anything
Do anything fast
Walk through anything
Shoot lava out of hands
Shoot water and ice out of eyes
Dresses fashionably
Talk to anything or anyone
When she’s mad, powers turn twice as mad
When she’s sad, no powers

Super Cheerleader
Super vision
Hits with her pompoms
Jumps really high in the air
Runs really fast
When she does the spilts, she kicks you

Under Squirrel
Has orange cape
Hits villains with nuts
He could carry things stronger than a building
He could fly faster than a jet
x-ray vision
lives under a rock
He eats acorns
He likes to water ski