Monday, May 17, 2010

See you in September!

 Mundo Lindo is over for the school year. A new session begins on September 9. See you then! (pre-registration required.)

Mundo Lindo reception

 Saturday, May 15, we had a reception for the Mundo Lindo kids and their families. It was a great success! Over 40 people attended. This is Janice's family, all creating art together.

Gallery wall at the reception

 We tacked up some of their recent art projects on the wall, and some brought in their favorites for display.

creating collages at the reception

 One of my favorite things is seeing kids make art. My MOST favorite is watching kids and their parents make art together!

Mundo Lindo reception for kids and families

 Thrilled with the turnout!

Mundo Lindo reception for kids and families

 We used the collage paper the kids had made by painting on brown paper bags and crayon rubbings.

Mundo Lindo reception

Mundo Lindo reception

 Even the tiny kids participated

Mundo Lindo reception

 here's a whole family creating art together. Love it!!

quilt artists

 The kids and the quilt they created for the Dream Rocket


 First the kids created a list of what they'd like their robots to do. Then then sketched out the robot, then re-drew it on watercolor paper and painted it.

designing robots

may 13 class

working and chatting

robot design

 the plan is on the left.



rainbow background

 They listed what the robot could do on their paintings. Printing money was a popular trait, as was movie aquisition.

reddy robot

reddy robot
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robby the robot

a robot named human

some days

 some days, an artist just feels like drawing UNDER the table.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dream Rocket Quilt

 "Respect for the rights of others means peace." Benito Juarez inspired the kids to each create a square of this quilt. I sewed it together for The Dream Rocket project.

Friday, May 7, 2010

tree of life mexico lesson

 Last weekend I taught the Tree of Life to adults at the Mingei Museum, so this week, I figured I'd do a similar lesson with the kids. I brought in prints and small originals of my own Tree of Life artwork to show them.

help from a friend

The kids could draw any tree shape they wanted, and I suggested they 'decorate' the tree with things that were important to them. Here Yailyn teaches Nataly how to draw an angel.

mexican symbols

 Just like when I taught the adult class, I brought in copyright free imagery from ancient Mexico for the kids to trace or draw or use for inspiration

at work


laura tree

perla tree

a gift

 Perla brought me a gift of a large pinecone, that she then decorated in class.

araceli tree

 My friend Lori visited and brought a whole bunch of sequins!

colorful busy

corines tree

jonathans tree

 Most of the kids used markers to color their trees.

sarahs tree

taylors tree


tree of life mexico

Monday, May 3, 2010

Mundo Lindo Reception & Art Show

Cloth Paper Scissors May/June 2010

 We got ink! Mundo Lindo was featured in Cloth Paper Scissors magazine, this month! And we're proud to draw attention to helping the people of Haiti by selling their handmade pins. As you know, Mundo Lindo kids actually raised $450 for UNICEF in Haiti.