Wednesday, June 11, 2008

paintin clay 6_10_08

Here they are painting their clay creatures. I forgot to get a pic of the finished pieces. They did a great job.

julian and his planes

Julian designed a commercial plane--interplanetary no less- and a private plan, both with his original logo design.

future pilots

School is out next weeks, and last week the kids were sooo restless, I decided to channel some of that energy. After they finished painting their clay creatures, I gave them these cardboard airplane kits to paint with markers. Then we went into the park to fly them, and have a distance competition. Jaime was the overall winner!

Friday, June 6, 2008

China's terracotta soldiers?

No, clay creatures from the Tuesday class.

clay creatures

Here are Thursday's class creature, drying in the sun. We'll paint them next week.

creating with clay

The kids have just a few more days of school and they are rambuctious! Here's Jonathan and Jaime in a quiet moment.

Joyful artist!

Erika is happy to be working in clay...or just likes to mug for the camera!

creating with clay

This week we worked in clay. I brought a ton of pictures in of different animals and had each kid select 3 different animals. Then they drew a picture of one animal, using parts from the 3 to create a mythical creature. Then, they created that animal in clay.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Victor Nelson

Victor, Exec Director of the Picerne Foundation and I, at the May 31 reception for the ONE year anniversary of Mundo Lindo.