Monday, February 22, 2010

Friday, February 19, 2010


 Self portraits with chalk pastels. First we drew lines to help with the proportions of the face and its features.


 The kids could choose any color of construction paper to draw on.


 And they could choose any hair color!






 She claimed her portrait was of a 'friend.'


 Strong portrait! That's Jasmin and Tomko in the background




 I told her she'd drawn her 'aura' in this portrait.





origami too

 Violet gave an impromtu origami lesson to Yailyn.

assembling haiti houses

 These kids helped assemble the last of the Haiti House pins. We've sold $175 worth already! ALL the money goes to UNICEF for Haiti.


 So, we created self portraits, we finished celebrated Marcos and Fernando's birthday with chips and juice and still we had time to go outside for a game in the sunshine!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

working on the houses

 The kids made the houses for Haiti last week and Jasmin and I (pictured) coated them with resin.

haiti houses

 Here are the Haiti Houses all ready to be sold. They are pins and magnets and sell for $5 with ALL the proceeds going to UNICEF for Haiti.

Houses for Haiti

making hearts

 Valentines Day prep! Making heart necklaces for the women in their lives


 Marcos is tracing his hand on the shrinky dink material while Jasmin, my wonderful assistant smiles.


 Can you imagine when this little guy graduates from UCSD, and looks back at this pic when he was in the 4th grade.....


 ready to be shrunk in the oven. the heart, not the boy!

before baked

tiger heart

 The kids trace their hands, then drew a heart around it and colored it with color pencil. Then, bake and shrink for about 3 minutes.

yellow heart


pink heart

 We used yarn to create Valentine necklaces from shrinky-dink


 Corrine and her finished heart

Friday, February 5, 2010

feb 4

We finished our brown paper bag books from last week, and made Haiti Houses. It felt like Santa's workshop!


Glitter was very popular!

book making

We had wooden beads to add to the book's binding


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boys with beads

Focused boys...for the moment.

beads to book

haiti houses

I talked to the kids about Haiti, and all the Haitian children that had lost their homes and parents...They really listened, and embraced this project of making tiny houses, that will be made into pins and magnets and sold for $5 each, with all the money going to Unicef for Haiti.
(Jasmin and I cut all the house shapes, and glued the roofs on, before the kids arrived to class)

books made from brown paper bags

Their books looked fabulous!