Friday, October 31, 2008

I brought in extra help. step 1

We did tie-dye t-shirts. Here's the Thursday class of 21 kids!!! Thank goodness, I had some extra volunteer help! BIG thanks to Virginia, Pamela, Evie and husb (sporting his tie-dye shirt that he made this summer.) Here are the kids tieing their shirts with rubber bands. I used the tie-dye kit and bought t-shirts from Dharma.

Rubber bands on white shirts first. step one

tie dye. step 2

The shirts soak in a soda ash mixture for 20 minutes. Virginia and Evie were in charge here.

perfect weather for tie dye

Our studio location has a patio right outside the door, perf for the dye work.

Janet & Diana

tie dye t-shirts for 21 kids!

Alondra and me

I think you need a little blue

Moises feels the need to help Franco with his color selection!

husb helps too

tie dye t-shirts

Friday, October 17, 2008


Easy fun project this week. Make a collage (from old magazines) about themselves now or when they're grown up. They kids could do it in accordian book form or on a full sheet of paper.


Ah, a magazine and a glue stick. Total fun!


Some of the finished collages

Friday, October 10, 2008

thursday kids

Before we got started on our art project, the kids spent a little time at the Escondido Children's Museum, next door to our studio.

firefighters in training

Lorena, Erika and Erika trying out the firefighting gear and posture at ECM.

paper acrobats

Leo, coloring in the pattern pieces for his acrobat

paper acrobats

After they cut out the pieces, they assembled them with brads--Paolo and Moises are concentrating.

paper acrobats

Jackie and Lorena arranged all the class acrobats for my photo.

paper acrobats

Amanda designer fashion

Amanda wasn't interested in acrobats---she is interested in fashion!

Julian Brian and Jovan

Maya Taylor and Allyssa


When they were done with their acrobats, they could make masks.





Violet and Paola