Friday, September 17, 2010

Mundo Lindo returns!

 Mundo Lindo class begins! September 16, 2010. We had 27 kids show up! Fourth and fifth graders, recommended by their teachers, and all from Escondido schools. This is our 3rd year of Mundo Lindo, and it started with a bang! So many kids, we'll be adding a Tuesday class.

Mundo Lindo

 We did a complex project and the kids did great!

Fish prints

 First, we made fish prints from rubber fish, printing to tissue and fabric. Then, painted an undersea scene, and glued the fish prints onto the painting.

Mundo Lindo


Pink Fish

check out that crab


 While the fish prints were drying, the kids painted undersea scenes, using watercolors.

Mundo Lindo

 A FULL classroom!

Mundo Lindo

watercolor painting

27 kids!

 Our largest class EVER! That's Monica, on the right, our teen volunteer.

Mundo Lindo

 And Monica's back as ace-teen-volunteer!

Mundo Lindo


 Paint the fish, then lay tissue or cloth on top, rub gently, and create a print.

fish printing ~ Gyotaku

The fish printing table. That's Amy, on the left, our new Mundo Lindo assistant.