Friday, May 29, 2009

last thursday class

The last Mundo Lindo class....

Good news though, a large non-profit in Escondido, wants to hire me to continue Mundo Lindo at the same location! If all goes well, and they get some donations earmarked for Mundo Lindo, we could start up again in the fall. Cross your fingers!

thursday kites


She is 4 years old. Her older sister asked me if she could stay for class today. I said, no, I didn't think it was a good idea, she's so young. Her sister replied, well, my mom left already. Hmm, guess she's staying for class! She ended up being the BEST little kite flyer!! Running, grinning and flying her kite high above her.


The designed their kites a paper first--then onto the kite.

thursday flying

Kite flying was chaotic but totally fun! The kids ran and ran till they collasped in exhaustion and giggles.

me and lizzie

Thank You Lizzie! Lizzie has been my assistant since last fall--it's been great working and playing with you!! thanks sooo much.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Last Tuesday Class

Lizzie (on the left) and me with the last class for the Tuesday kids. Xiadani, Amanada, Taylor, Alyssa, Janet and James.

tuesday kites

We bought the kite kits, the kids decorated them with markers.

kite flying

Grape Day Park is a wonderful spot for kite flying.

final reception

The final Mundo Lindo reception was Saturday, May 23. The kids could bring their friends and family.


We used chalk pastel and were inspired by African mask designs

thursday pastels

Jennyfer brought juice boxes and chips for all the kids.

mask including red hat

Love the red hat!

jonathan and franco

African inspired mask drawings

erika h

husb and monster meet

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


At the fountain at the Escondido City Hall.

Victor saves the Day!

Victor, Executive Director of the Picerne Foundation (that so generously funds Mundo Lindo) just happened to drop by on Tuesday. Thank goodness! We we making sailboats (from kits I'd bought for $1 each) and needed some help with our clove hitches. That's Lizzie, trying to learn too.


After the kids assembled their boats, they decorated them.

water caligraphy

That's Xiadani with a geniune caligraphy brush made use outside with water.


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Tuesday kids

I got a pic of the kids with their boats before they sailed them. It was rough sailing in the fountain!

Friday, May 8, 2009


Xiadani with her 'signature' vampire hamburger in shrinky dink, ready to go in the oven. She made a necklace for herself and it was really cute.

shrinky dink

Stephany works on her design

cookin shrinky dink

Watching shrinky dink shrink is endless fascinating!

Tuesday's shrinky dinks

Some of the Tuesday class shrinky dinks. They each made a gift for their moms, and then they could make whatever they wanted. Notice the kitty face buttons.

thursday's shrinky dink

Gifts for mom, a picture and yes, a foot.