Friday, April 30, 2010

drawing at the museum

 We started our class at the California Center for the Arts Museum. The kids all were told about proper museum behavior, given a clip board and paper and pencil. After we walked around the very contemporary exhibitions, I told the kids to sketch a few of the things they saw and were attracted to.

drawing at the museum

violet at the museum

drawing at the museum

 Fabulous suspended wire pieces by Anne Mudge.

little bowl

 then, back to class to paint our clay pieces from last week.

painting clay

painting clay
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painting clay

 On the way back from the museum, the kids picked oranges.

drawing the book house

 At the museum, the kids were fascinated by a little house built entirely of books. Many sketched the house.

love art

 She's painting her impression of the book house.

aby's book house

 Aby's rendition of the book house.

clay masterpieces

rock and roll

tiny pink pig

Saturday, April 24, 2010

silly video of a couple of the Mundo Lindo kids

Go here to see a silly little video of the kids.

and then you do this

 Kids love clay. I buy the self-hardening type. I showed them a couple of techniques, the pinch pot and the coil pot, and asked them to make one of each.

another collection


 We'll let the pieces dry, and then paint them with acrylic paints next week.



clay play

 A slab of clay has great potential for anything!

Jasmin and jonathan

 Wonderful assistant, Jasmin, and Jonathan.

kids love clay

rock and roll theme

violets teapot

 she made tiny teacups too.

taylor and her vase

 You don't want to know what happened to her vase, after I took the photo.

I believe it's a lama

Friday, April 16, 2010

18 kids today

 The kids are back from Spring Break, so we had a full class of 18 today.

“El respeto al derecho ajeno es la paz.”

 The kids are creating a 2x2' quilt for the Dream Rocket project. Our theme is “El respeto al derecho ajeno es la paz.” “Respect for the rights of others is Peace.” Benito Juarez
They designed the art, based on the above quote, then trace or drew it onto cloth. Then colored it with permanent markers. Lastly, we added batting and backing and the kids hand stitched their small quilts with needle and embroidery thread. I'll be sewing them all together to create one quilt.

guest photographer

 I was busy threading needles, for the kids, so Violet was our class photograper today. She had to take one of herself, of course!


jasmin and yailyn



long thread


 the kids were actually quiet while they were sewing!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Brian explains

 Into the garden today, to sketch simple shapes for our art project. Brian made a surprise visit, and identified the different plants and vegetables growing in the garden.

repeated shapes-based on the garden

 With clip boards and sketch paper, the kids drew at least 6 different shapes, they say in the garden.

repeated shapes-based on the garden

 And, we took some time to harvest the tiny carrots growing in the garden. We took them inside, washed them, and everyone got to taste a fresh carrot, just picked!

repeated shapes-based on the garden

 Gorgeous day to be outside!

repeated shapes-based on the garden

 After the kids drew some shapes, the selected two or three of them to cut templates from cereal boxes.

repeated shapes-based on the garden

 They then drew borders, using rulers, on watercolor paper and began to trace the cardboard templates onto the paper.

repeated shapes-based on the garden

 then, outline those shapes in permanent marker

repeated shapes-based on the garden

 and painted them with watercolor.

repeated shapes-based on the garden


repeated shapes-based on the garden

repeated shapes-based on the garden


repeated shapes-based on the garden


Friday, April 2, 2010

kids dreamboats

 the kids did a great job on their boats!! We followed Ann Wood's tutorial, with a few changes to make it easier for the kids. It's spring break, so we didn't have a full class, which was a good thing when it came time to help them assemble their boats--it was labor intensive! but well worth it!

working on the sails

 We made our sails out of paper and wrote and colored our 'dreams' on them.

they wrote their dreams on the sails


painted boats drying

 We used tempera paints on the papier mache boats, made from cereal boxes, newspaper and glue.