Wednesday, March 5, 2008

tuesday KITES!

Ten kids in class today. First they drew their designs on paper. Then redrew them on these great kite kits I'd ordered from here. Frustrationless Flyer Kits, they're called. 20 kites for about $60.

Then we went out in Grape Day Park and flew the kites! As you can see it was a gorgeous day. Many of the kids had never flown kites before. You can just see the joy on their faces. Ah, life is good. It was a wonderful afternoon!

My husb joined Sarah and I to help and act a their 'pit crew.'


Anonymous said...

art AND exercise! great combination!
$60 for 20 is more than our budget ($0)can handle but the kids sure look like they enjoyed it!

Joseph said...

LOVE the work you are doing with the children! Thank god for youthful, creative folks like yourself, teaching the next generation about the power of creativity:)

All the best! Joseph