Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Papier Mache and drawing

ML Nov 3, 2011 B
Look at this group of happy kids! Wow! I was traveling the last two weeks, so Tomoko filled in to help the kids paint their papier mache stuff from the week before.
ML Oct 27, 2011 B

ML Oct 27, 2011 A

ML Oct 27, 2011
If you'd like to support this after school art program, that is free to the kids, you can donate here. Be sure to designate Mundo Lindo ~ Education Department.
ML Nov 3, 2011 A
Then Amy Williams filled in for the other week. Looks like the kids did some cool drawings of Amy's collection of plastic animals.
ML Nov 3 2011
Photos by Tomoko Kuta. 

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Mary Mollerskov said...

This is an awesome program, you should all be very proud!